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Luxembourg City

A series of five conferences focussing on the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, it's history, economic development, monarchy and culture. Gain a deeper understanding of the past of our small country and the current changes and challenges we are facing. The conferences are in English and free of charge. No registration needed. 



07.10.2019: Session 1: Introducing the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – Key facts

14.10.2019: Session 2: A historical journey from year 963 until today

21.10.2019: Session 3: National economy: from steel production to financial services

04.11.2019: Session 4: Monarchy, political institutions and international relations

11.11.2019: Session 5: Cultural life, art of living and famous Luxembourgers

18.11.2019: Session 6: Current challenges and perspectives of economic development


When: 6.30pm – 8.30pm


Where: Ecole fondamentale Ben Heyart

            3, Place des Martyrs 

            L- 8032 Strassen


Speaker: Jean JUNCK