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Novembre 04

Conferences: All you need to know about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

Date :

04. 11. 2019

Adresse :

Voir sur la carte Ecole primaire "Ben Heyart"
3, Place des Martyrs
8032 Strassen

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Fin de l'événement :



  • Session 4: Monarchy, political institutions and international relations
    • Dynasties of the “Orange-Nassau” and the “Nassau Weilburg”
    • H.R.H. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg: a short biography!
    • Institutional landscape, Political Parties, Chamber of Deputies, Government, Justice
    • Luxembourg’s European dimension and it’s place in the world
    • Inspiring Luxembourg: “Let’s make it happen”


Speaker : Jean JUNCK
Price : free of charge

Language : English