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Chess Club Stroossen

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9, rue Feyder | L-8026 Strassen


Présidente Betty Welter-Gaul
Secrétaire Boris Mukhamedieva
Déléguée Irina Iourkova-Mukhamedieva
Email :
Mobile: 621 144 198

9, rue Feyder | L-8026 Strassen

For children from the age of 4.


Lessons are given by Alex Sorras, who has a long experience of chess and pedagogy.


They take place on Thursdays, and from September 2019 onwards, here is the schedule:

15h00-16h00: Beginners

16h00-17h00: Level 1

17h00-18h00: Level 2

18h00-19h30: Advanced

19h30-20h30: Adults


Hall Omnisports

1st floor

9, rue Feyder

L-8026 Strassen